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The saying ‘Home is where the Heart is’ is apt for Riversgate Housing, as we pride ourselves on offering housing that has heart.  As a Riversgate resident you are given a place that you can proudly call home.  It doesn’t matter what type of home you need, we have something that’s right for you.  We don’t simply put a roof over your head; we tailor a living plan that will suit your needs.

Riversgate Housing creates opportunities for people with disability or who are aged, to live their life in a way that is similar to others in the community.  Riversgate Housing community living service provides a safe and supportive home environment for people with a range of needs.

In 2014, Riversgate Housing’s decision to merge with Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc. (WCSCHI) is a new and exciting phase, with many changes that will benefit seniors in the forthcoming future.  One of these is to increase the services at Riversgate Housing to have more staff on during the day as well as a staff person on-site overnight.  This will allow current residents as well as future residents to feel safer and more secure in their home at Riversgate Housing.

Qualified staff are rostered according to the support needs of the people at each house.  This support ranges from 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with sleepover staff at night.

Many of the rooms have recently undergone a refurbishment, with freshly painted walls and new flooring installed to make them feel bright and new.  The living area has also had an upgrade and is now a light and breezy area for the residents to chat, use as a meeting room and spend time in with family and friends.

Riversgate Housing provides on-site, nutritious, cooked meals for the residents, as well as cleaning and laundry services.  Residents also have the ability for other services to be provided such as Community Care, and Home packages when required to assist them to remain in their home at Riversgate Housing. Additional services can be provided at a fee from Riversgate Housing should you wish to utilize our familiar staff.

Our current community living locations are located at 9 West Road and 11 West Road, Waikerie,  We also have four 2 bedroom independent living units and one, 1 bedroom unit on Burns Street.

Tenants who live here have freedom to come and go as if they were living in their own homes, with family and visitors welcome and greatly encouraged. Providing this type of housing allows people to live in a community setting and not be completely isolated in their own homes.  It also enables them to continue their social activities and lifestyle.  Some regular activities are provided for residents such as Bingo, Ministers Fraternal, footy tipping, and other community social events which may include monthly Probus, Men’s Shed, Day Care activities and outings, Travel Club meetings and regular excursions or trips, Historical Society, Bible Study, Weekly Church Attendance and Friday Lunch at the Warrawee Lodge Community Hub.

Independent Living units

Riversgate Housing has 5 Independent Living Units units at 8 Burns street.  One is a one bedroom unit and the others are 2 bedroom units.

Aged Pensioners’ Independent Homes

One and two-bedroom social housing for people aged 55 and older, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are 50 and older, who are on a low income.

Who can access the service?

To be eligible to apply for community housing you must meet these criteria:

  • Be a South Australian resident.
  • Be at least 55 years old.
  • Have no full or part ownership of any residential property.
  • Meet the income and asset limits.

If you do not meet the income or asset limits, but you still meet the basic criteria, you may still be eligible to apply for community housing by undertaking a needs test.

You must be able to demonstrate that you:

  • Cannot stay where you are currently living.
  • Are unable to maintain any other form of housing – eg renting privately.

People in special circumstances who do not meet the criteria may still be eligible – please contact Riversgate Housing directly for more information.

Community Housing

How to Apply for Community Housing

Community housing is not emergency accommodation.  It can be a long wait before you are offered a house and there is no guarantee that you will be housed.  If you are at risk of becoming or are currently homeless there are other support and homeless services that can assist you.  To become a tenant you must lodge a Registration of Interest form. 

It is important to note that lodging a registration of interest form does not guarantee an offer of housing.  Available vacancies are allocated to those deemed to have the most urgent housing need, and best match the available property.  The size of the Community Housing sector is small, and tenancies are generally available for a medium to long term so vacancies are limited.

How to Register your Interest

In 2010 the South Australian Government introduced a Community Housing Customer Register.  This means that you only need to lodge one Registration of Interest, with one community housing organisation.  Before requesting a Registration of Interest form from Riversgate Housing please check that you meet our eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Riversgate Housing units, applicants must:

·         Be socially or economically disadvantaged

·         Be over the age of 55 and be low income

·         Be able to live independently

·         Have limited alternative housing options

·         Be prepared to enter into a Tenancy Agreement of not less than three months duration

Note: All of Riversgate Housing’s properties are allocated to persons over the age of 55.

You will also need to meet the South Australian Government’s Housing Eligibility criteria relating to maximum levels of income and asset (exceptions to the criteria apply in extenuating circumstances).   Please check your eligibility by reading the “Eligibility Fact Sheet – Community Partnerships & Growth”.

To request a Registration of Interest form from click here or contact us on 08 85413137.

What happens next?

After Riversgate Housing receives your Registration of Interest (ROI) Form you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the ROI.

Riversgate Housing are able to access your information should a suitability property become available for which you are eligible.  Even if you have special circumstances it can still take a very long time before you are offered a property. This is because there may be other applicants with special circumstances who have already been approved for earlier housing assistance or the properties that become available may not match your circumstances. 


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